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Behind The Feed

Oct 7, 2020

Hey there! Welcome to behind the feed, I’m Josie Bullard & on today’s episode, I am giving you the low down on educational courses to help up-level your career as a creator or business owner. We will be covering how to know if a course is worth it, knowing when it’s time to invest in your business, and I have a very special limited time offer on a course bundle to share with you as well! Let’s jump in


What if I told you you could have access to 100+ course that would change your life & your business for only $147...

WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU CAN! For the next 10 days, you’ll be able to access the business bundle (a $32,939 value) at a 99% discount! We want to give you the tools to make your dreams a reality without having to shell out your entire life savings.

This course is for EVERYONE. whether you’re a business owner, influencer, digital nomad, or new entrepreneur, this bundle is packed full of courses and programs that will change your life.

Here are the categories for content in this bundle (and # of courses included):

⚡️Working Remotely (6)

⚡️7+ Figure Business (6)

⚡️Monetizing Your Social Media (6)

⚡️Tiktok (3)

⚡️First Business/Leaving your 9-5 (3)

⚡️Marketing (5)

⚡️SEO/Google Ada (3)

⚡️Photography & Presets (24)

⚡️Business Mindset (6)

⚡️YouTube (1)

⚡️All Things Money (6)

⚡️Website Building/Security (3)

⚡️Copywriting (3)

⚡️Creating & Launching Online Courses (3)

⚡️Podcasts (2)

⚡️Self Care for Entrepreneurs (4)

⚡️Productivity (3)

⚡️Increasing Your Sales (6)

⚡️Taking Your Business to the Next Level (3)

⚡️Hiring & Managing a Team (3)

⚡️And More! (13)

LIKE WOW. 134 courses for $1.47 each!!!

I will be having my own course in this bundle as well covering everything you need to know to create & sell your own presets!

TRUST ME... you do not want to miss out on this deal. This is the biggest opportunity of 2020 to create the life you have always dreamed of... and for only $147!!!

So if you’re ready to invest in yourself, click this link to purchase the business bundle!

At that link, you can also see all of the top creators involved and learn more about each course & program that’s included!


Special Offer at 23:00

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