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Behind The Feed

Jun 24, 2020

That’s right friends, I tied the knot! You can now refer to me as Josie Bullard! We are currently on our honeymoon but pre-recorded this fun (tipsy) Q&A answering all your relationship questions to commemorate this special moment! LET’S JUMP IN



Jun 17, 2020

EP15: In today’s episodes, we are dividing one of my favorite topics, presets! What are they? How do They work? How do I use them to create a cohesive feed? We will be covering that and much more on today’s episode!

Speaking of presets... I just launched my own! There is something for everyone’s editing style!


Jun 10, 2020

EP14: On today’s episode, we are going behind the feed with Macey Miller, owner of Be Bold Design Studio. Macey is a Brand + ShowIt Web Designer who serves bold entrepreneurs with elevated branding, websites, and DIY templates! Today we are diving in and talking about who you can optimize your website so it works for...

Jun 8, 2020

EP13: Today we are chatting with Karsen Murray owner of Hype Gal, a brand messaging and copywriting studio. Karsen helps brands get noticed in a crowded marketplace through words and strategy that helps sell what you do. On today’s episode, we are diving in and talking about Sales Funnels and why it is crucial to your...