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Behind The Feed

Mar 17, 2021

What better way to do a birthday episode than to give you 22 of my top takeaways from my 22 years on this planet ;) Listing my takeaways below! Hope you enjoy this episode.

1.) Life doesn’t always go as planned. It is OKAY for things to stray from the original path.

2.) How you choose to react to a situation often...

Mar 10, 2021


Today Influencer Coach Kahlea Nicole is joining me for the episode! We are talking all about Usage, Exclusivity, and Whitelisting when it come to brand collaborations and how you could be missing out on a Ton of cash in your pocket if you aren’t charging for these things. Grab a pen and a notebook & let’s jump...

Mar 3, 2021

EP36: Hey there welcome to behind the feed, I’m Josie Bullard and on today’s episode, I am sharing how I recently made the switch to becoming a morning person & how coming up with a consistent morning routine has had a huge impact on my life! Let’s jump in!

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